A Collection Of Unique 3rd Grade Essay Topics

Writing is one of the important skills that students have to learn and try to perfect. Although young students in 3rd grade may not be required to write long papers, these students still need to do some practice to hone their writing skills. However, choosing a topic can become problematic for elementary school students, just like it can be a challenge for many senior students in high school and even college. If you are trying to come up with topics for elementary school students to write about but you can’t seem to figure out which ones are appropriate and interesting, here is a collection of unique 3rd grade essay topics to consider.

  1. Describe what might happen if the whole world turned into a desert.
  2. Write about what it would be like to be a certain animal for a week.
  3. Write about what you would want to be when you grow up.
  4. Write a story about your favorite holiday.
  5. If you had the power to create your friend, how would he look like? What would he like and hate? Why?
  6. How can you help your friend make $10 in a day?
  7. The class teacher is planning to invite a famous person to give a talk to the students during the next class. She is not sure of who to invite and she needs some suggestions. Write a letter to the class teacher with suggestions on whom to invite and explain why that person would be the most suitable celebrity to give the talk to students.
  8. Your friend failed to do his homework for the previous class. When the class teacher called his parents, they said she probably must have been playing computer games and forgot to do his assignment. Your class teacher and your friend’s parents decide that your friend should not be allowed to play computer games for the rest of the school term. Help your friend by writing an argument to persuade the class teacher and your friend’s parents to change their minds.
  9. The entire class will be taking a school trip when the school term comes to an end. The class teacher is taking suggestions on where the class should visit. Write a letter to the class teacher suggesting a place and provide a various reasons why you think this would be a good place for the class to visit.
  10. Your class teacher is planning to bring a movie to the next class for the students to watch. However, the teacher insists that the movie should be appropriate and interesting for the students to watch, and it has to be related to anything that you have learned in class this year. Think of a movie that you feel the class should watch and write a letter to convince the teacher to support your choice.
  11. Write about the one thing that you like the most about yourself.
  12. Describe what you like the most about your school.
  13. Describe something that you find to be very scary.
  14. Write about something really fun that you do with your family.
  15. What is your best subject in school and why?

In summary, the best 3rd grade essay writing prompts should be based on something that 3rd graders can actually relate to. Tasks that are suitable for senior students will usually not resonate well with young students like third graders. Take time and do more research on 3rd grade essay.

You will write with much ease.