Things You Should Know About The 3 Paragraph Essay Format

At some point in high school or college, you will be required to prepare a 3 paragraph paper. One of the most challenging things about a 3 paragraph essay format is that it is different from the standard and more common 5 paragraph one. Unlike the 5 paragraph kind where you have an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion, the 3 paragraph one consists of only one body paragraph, an introduction and a conclusion. Here is what you need to learn about what is required in each of the 3 paragraphs.

  • Introduction and Thesis
  • Due to the fact that you have limited space to discuss you point, you categorically need to delve straight to the main point of your argument or discussion. The first sentence in the introduction must be a clear-cut thesis statement that will set the main topic for the entire paper. The thesis statement is supposed to be followed by some additional information that talks more about your claim. In the third sentence, you should list all your main points of discussion in the same order that you will present them in the body of the paper. It is always advisable to use simple but clear sentences.

  • Body Paragraph
  • One important thing on how to write a 3 paragraph essay is that unlike the more common 5 paragraph essay that consists of 3 body paragraphs, you are restricted to a single body paragraph in the 3 paragraph paper. This means that you should begin immediately with the first points, followed by a few supporting sentences. Immediately after the supporting sentences, you need to add the second point and then add a few other supporting sentences. In many cases, you only have to present about 2 or 3 points to support your thesis. Therefore, it is always advisable to choose your strongest and best arguments.

  • The Conclusion
  • The conclusion sums up the entire argument or discussion of the paper. It should also include a restatement of your thesis statement. Remember to begin this paragraph with a simple but clear phrase that gives the reader a hint that you are now concluding your paper.

There are several important components to writing a 3 paragraph essay successfully. Your introduction and thesis have to be very clear, precise and straight to the point. Secondly, your body paragraph should be different from the standard five paragraph essay due to space limitations. Your conclusion also has to be solid and it has to sum up everything you discussed in the entire paper without repeating yourself. Remember to proofread your paper after writing to see that you have presented your strongest points and that nothing has been left ambiguous or hanging. Most importantly, there are two main things you should know about the paper: you have limited space to discuss your strongest points, and you must be very clear and precise in your argument or discussion.