10 Promising Topics For A 4 Paragraph Essay About Jail Time

If you are trying to figure out how to write a 4 paragraph essay on any topic, then you just landed on the right spot. Frankly speaking, a 4 paragraph essay is similar to any other academic paper. The only condition is that this type of paper is restricted in terms of space. When you have to write such a paper about, say a topic like jail time, all you need is an interesting topic. Here are a few suggestions on possible topics to write about.

  1. Write about deferring individuals from acts of crime. You can evaluate whether the current methods of deterrence are working.
  2. Write about poverty and how it may influence people to commit criminal acts.
  3. Write about jail time and whether it is an effective means of correcting criminal behavior.
  4. Discuss whether certain people become more hardened criminals after going serving jail time.
  5. Discuss whether children’s exposure to violent behavior and violent media is a contributing factor to ending up in jail.
  6. Write about alcohol related offences and what role alcohol plays in influencing people who end up in jail.
  7. Discuss if you think people who end up in jail are more likely to commit the same offence once they come out.
  8. Discuss if you think people who have one through jail are more likely to use drugs once they come out.
  9. Discuss the extent of racial profiling in the jail system.
  10. Is there a need for offering technical training and college courses to people who are serving jail time?

Although this is not a comprehensive list of promising topics for a 4 paragraph paper about jail time, it is a useful starting point. There are numerous other promising topics about jail time that you can get. You can even try getting access to a 4 paragraph essay example to help you get a clear idea on the proper format of the paper. You can try this site if you are looking for some suggestions on topics to write about on jail time.