How To Write An Essay Outline: Expert’s Directions

When it comes to writing academic papers, one thing that is almost certain is that you will be required to produce an outline before you can start writing the paper. An outline is like a skeleton or framework of the entire paper. It has five sections with respective subsections for each section. Although this is common knowledge to most experienced scholars, some students do not have a clue on how to write an outline for an essay. If you are wondering how you are supposed to prepare an outline for your academic paper, here is some expert advice.

  • The Introduction
  • An outline for essay starts with an introduction. The introduction consists of three components which include the introductory statements, the thesis statement, and a statement that introduces the supporting ideas. A thesis is a statement of the main point or argument in the paper. It tells the reader precisely what the paper will be discussing or arguing.

  • The Body
  • A standard academic paper consists of a three body paragraphs. The information that goes into the body paragraphs is supposed to support your thesis statement. You should include your strongest point or supporting idea in the first body paragraph followed by a transition topic sentence and a discussion that contains some examples, supporting facts, or some analysis. The last sentence in the first body paragraph is supposed to be a concluding paragraph that wraps up everything you discussed in the first paragraph. However, this last sentence is optional.

    The second body paragraph should be structured just like the first one and so is the third one. In many cases, you should have your strongest points or supporting idea in the first paragraph and flow down to your weakest point in the third body paragraph. However, this is not mandatory and you can opt to start with your weakest point in the first body paragraph and have the strongest point in the third body paragraph.

  • The Conclusion
  • The last section of an outline for an academic paper is the conclusion. In most cases, the conclusion consists of three sections. The first section is a transition statement that reflects back to the thesis. The second part consists of a restatement of the main or key points in your paper. The last part is an ending statement that is thought provoking.

In summary, an outline is a kind of guiding framework or skeleton of your paper. It helps to guide you on what to write in the introductory paragraph, the body paragraphs, and the concluding paragraph. You can follow this link and learn more.