Rules to follow if want to write an essay of high quality

Essays are the most common writing assignments which you face throughout your academic life. You may be weary of them but you cannot escape them, as essays are majorly responsible for your grade. Here are some simple tips, to make your life and grade better.

Choose the topic

If the topic is assigned then you have to consider all the possible approaches before selecting one. If you are choosing your topic then you have to remember certain points –

  • Determine the purpose of your essay – will it be an informative or persuasive essay.
  • List all the topics of your interest and shortlist from them on the basis of relevance.
  • Do some research on the topics and base your final selection on the resources available and number of essays available on the topic.

Plan the essay

Organize your thoughts and link the major ideas into a definite structure, which will form the main segments of your essay. Follow certain points –

  • Make you notes while you are reading on the subject. Put down your ideas on paper which will serve as the foundations of your essay.
  • Use organizational charts, diagrams or a phone app to gather and organize all your thoughts.
  • Plan the chapters or segments and collect data accordingly.

Write freely -

Remember few basic points while writing your essay.

  • Write according to the format given by your institute.
  • Write freely – let the thoughts and word flow spontaneously.
  • Write in a simple language.
  • Give extra attention to the introduction and summery

Revise and edit

After you have finished a considerable portion revise the portion. While revising remember to –

  • Adhere to your topic.
  • Edit for better readability.
  • Correct spellings, grammar and language.
  • Highlight the high points in your essay.
  • Add citations or elaborations where required.

Calculate the time

It is essential that you submit your essay within deadline. There are some ways to achieve it -

  • Set your deadline before the class deadline.
  • Plan the entire workflow so that you know how much time you have and how much you can allot to each process.
  • Make a daily work schedule and adhere to it.
  • Keep healthy during the entire process.

Finally after completing your essay, review again before taking the print out. Submit the final copy only when you are satisfied.