How can I do essay quickly: timesaving techniques

There are many techniques you can use to do your essays quickly. Although it is not recommended for you to rush your work, sometimes one has no choice but to due to other commitments or deadlines being too tight.


If you plan your writing, you will be able to finish it quickly as well. The main use of planning your work is the fact that you do not have to think while you are writing because you can just keep referring back to your plan. Another advantage of planning is the fact that sometimes we forget about great ideas we had before we got writing. This can lead to frustration and time can be wasted trying to remember the great ideas that were popping in your mind before you started. With a plan this problem no longer exists.

Another advantage of planning is the fact that it allows you to better organize your writing. You will have planned out how each point will flow off each other, so that your structure is not disjointed. Without a plan you can spend considerable time just trying to order large chunks of text together.


Follow the structure set out as follows, and this will save you much time thinking about how to write your response.

  • Introduction: This is a paragraph that should hook your read into your work, by briefly explaining what you will be talking about. It should not be too in depth, but should give an overview of what they you will talk about.
  • Main Body: This is where all the action happens. This is where you develop your opinions, analysis and answer the question that has been asked of you. The main body should consist of several paragraphs.
  • Conclusion: Your conclusion should be a brief summarization of the points you have made in your writing. It should leave a last impression, as it will be the last part of your work that your audience will read.


Editing your work is extremely important, as sometimes our initial drafts can be cumbersome to read. This will be quick for you to do as you will remember the points you are trying to get across, so when you will read your work again, you will know how to tweak it to make sense. Although editing can sound like a strain, it is very beneficial and can significantly improve your marks. Most of all, it does not take much time as you have to skim read to spot for mistakes and improve your structure.

Writing Agencies

If you feel that you are inadequate to complete the essay asked of you, or are just extremely short of time, then you can use the services of writing agencies. Writing agencies have been set up to provide exactly the service you are looking for. They have a team of professional writers with many years of experience writing assignments for students. The best thing about these agencies is the fact that their writers have expert knowledge in the subject matter they write in. So you will know that your work is in good hands. This can be a good last resort if you are really struggling with your work, and their turnaround is extremely fast.

If you do not plan accordingly then you may still be able to complete your work quickly but it will not be to the same standard.